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Random pony with chainsaw/sword by afl300 Random pony with chainsaw/sword :iconafl300:afl300 2 0 Mario Hat by afl300 Mario Hat :iconafl300:afl300 0 0 Pac-Man Pac-Adventure by afl300 Pac-Man Pac-Adventure :iconafl300:afl300 1 0 ToonkriticY2k by afl300 ToonkriticY2k :iconafl300:afl300 0 0 the preshow/prestart of videos card by afl300 the preshow/prestart of videos card :iconafl300:afl300 1 0 Creepy Snowman by afl300
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Creepy Snowman :iconafl300:afl300 0 0
OFFLine/Offair picture by afl300 OFFLine/Offair picture :iconafl300:afl300 1 0 Kamen Rider + Super Sentai Icon by afl300 Kamen Rider + Super Sentai Icon :iconafl300:afl300 0 1 Vinyl Scratch and a random OC by afl300 Vinyl Scratch and a random OC :iconafl300:afl300 1 0 Spitfire by afl300 Spitfire :iconafl300:afl300 2 0 Shadow Wizard OC (head draw version) by afl300 Shadow Wizard OC (head draw version) :iconafl300:afl300 0 0 Pac-Man by afl300 Pac-Man :iconafl300:afl300 1 3
BuckBall Season Review

Hello and welcome to my Season 6 review of My Little Pony. I am Shadow Rainbow, I will be reviewing the sporting part of the series, that is BUCKBALL SEASON.
The story starts off Rainbow dash finding out the sport calls Buckball which the Apple family knows about. So Buckball is basically the Earth Pony kicking the ball into the ring and that a pegasus has to defend it. The goalkeeper is a unicorn who catches the ball. If you did not get it, here, Applejack would explain it: 
They asked Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy to help and that agreed. When the tryouts happens, it was a surprice that Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy is a protogy of the game. So AppleJack and Rainbow Dash decide to look for a unicorn with each one failing. Eventually, they found snips walking down the patch as if there is nothing happening. Caught it and now becomes the new unicorn for the team. 
After seeign the performance, they trained but afterwa
:iconafl300:afl300 1 3
ShadowRainbow, Sword Art Online: Aincrad Form by afl300 ShadowRainbow, Sword Art Online: Aincrad Form :iconafl300:afl300 4 0
To Where and Back Again Review

Hello to the season 6 final review. I am Shadow Rainbow and I am reviewing this since Season 7 are coming in April 15th (according to Equestria Daily) and I want to take an opportunity to review them as I review Season 3 of MLP FIM.
The title of this two-part season finale is a reference to the Lord of the Rings series as they are travelled (well teleported) to Queen Crystallis castle to save their friends. there is a lot of Lord of the rings reference (which I won't get since I have not seen much of the series other than a bit of The Hobbit and LOTR).
The first episode starts of Derpy (as a mail pony confirmed) delivering the mail to Starlight, (even though Twilight thought it was for her). the mail is for Starlight to join in the celebration. Eventually (by the looks of it) that the Starlight (controlled) town. they rip up the invitation and joked around and laughed at her (the laughing face for them never works out for me
:iconafl300:afl300 1 0
Too Many Pinkie Pie Review

Hello readers and I am Shadow Rainbow. Too Many Pinkie Pie was also one of my first episodes that I watch. This episode is interesting as it is asking What If Pinkie Pie has to pick a chose that she wants but can't do it at the same time. I pretty sure we did not explore this issue in Season 1 or 2 of MLP friendship is magic.


So basically this story starts off Pinkie helping her friends. Her friends as in Applejack and Rainbow Dash decide to ask Pinkie to either to build a new barn or Chill out with dash near the pond. Pinkie could not decide what to do and eventually, decide to use a mirror pool in the Everfree forest to duplicate herself. Eventually, her clones duplicated and invaded, I e had fun in the town.

In the end (spoilers) they all except the mane Pinkie Pie (pun intended) back in the mirror pool.
I like this idea and showing a
:iconafl300:afl300 0 0


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Shdaow Wizard
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I am a MLP and tokusatsu fan and that i would review tv shows on my deviantpage now. i am also a youtuber as i own a gaming channel ( ) and my entertainment channel ( )

Also I now would upload art which is handdrawn first and sometimes edited by photoshop. i will upload at random for both. Also i do not do comission as i do not see myself drawing as a job for the foresee future. Also I am not going to make the art perfect too.

[Button] Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger Fan by Volt-Gokai
[Button] Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Fan by Volt-Gokai

No Commissions by SweetDuke No Point Commissions by SweetDuke


Here is a drawing that i drew because i was board and just want to do it for fun.
OC owned by :iconflameamigo619:
Thi is my OC Drawn By SuperAnina
Gift: Shadow Wizard
Since I'm getting back into colorful cartoon horses, I decided to draw random people's OCs to practice and kind of
step out of my comfort zone. 
Here's :iconafl300: 's  OC, Shadow Wizard!  

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